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Project Management according to Lean Principles

We invite you to the event: Project Management according to Lean Principles: tools, cases and best practices for IT teams

Tetyana Avramenko, an experienced Project Manager with ten years of experience in non-technical advertising and mass media projects, as well as three years of expertise in web projects at Viseven Group, where she leads a team of project managers in the role of Lead, will share her knowledge and the experience of implementing the Lean approach to IT project management. 

What will be discussed:

- What is Lean, how it is used, and which famous companies use it- Specificity of Lean in IT management

- TOP-5 Lean tools and a practical case

- Recommended Books

- Answers to questions (for the best question - a gift from the speaker)

When: Friday, June 28, 2024

Time: 18:30

Place: Ume place, Kosmonavtiv, 30A (8th floor)

Participation is free! 

Registration via the link:


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