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​​🚘 Relocation of IT companies to Vinnytsia

If your company can no longer work in the former office - this post must be read & share ✔️

Central Ukraine became one of the closest refugees for thousands of people forced to leave their cities. For the entire time, Vinnytsia and four other communities accepted 39,368 internally displaced persons from "hot spots." According to the Vinnytsia City Council, heating, cold and hot water, and electricity are available in all houses, public transport usually operates from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., and guests of the city have social benefits 👆

Territorially occupying a safe zone, Vinnytsia is the 6th city in Ukraine regarding the number of IT specialists, and last year it was at the TOP-3 of the rating of the most livable cities for IT specialists. The town has many junior and middle specialists, and office premises are surrounded mainly by green residential areas. The industry infrastructure was explored in more detail at the end of 2021-го у IT VN Research.

So, if your company needs help finding an office space, logistics in Vinnytsia, resettlement of employees, or solving legal issues - contact us at or on our social networks and come to Vinnytsia! 🙌


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