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​​🤖Technological Future of Vinnytsia

No one wants and should not get used to the military reality, and every Ukrainian loudly declares this daily! However, being flexible, looking for and finding a way out for one's security and the country's prosperity is our life philosophy for today!

The Vinnytsia IT Association, in cooperation with partners, continues the Technological Future of Vinnytsia project (from now on ТМВ).

We will remind you that TMB is training schoolchildren in the region in the basics of robotics, programming, and innovative entrepreneurship. The main goal of this program is that young people who, in 5-10 years, will start working for local companies or creating their businesses (startups) will acquire modern practical knowledge. As a result - the transformation of Vinnytsia into a real innovation hub of Ukraine.

The "TMV" project is implemented in several stages. On May 17 and 19, 2022, a 2-day training seminar was held for educational institutions participating in the project. You can learn more at the link.


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